August 7, 2015

Another Disastrous Week Shows No End In Sight For Clinton Campaign Troubles

A week ago today, Hillary Clinton’s campaign team probably thought there was nowhere to go but up – with sinking polls, underwater favorability, and a steady drip of damaging details about Clinton’s private server scandal dominating the news.

Things were so bad they tried to – yet again – hit the “reset” button with a rushed TV ad buy seeking to soften Clinton’s increasingly negative image.


Like Secretary Clinton’s failed Russia reset, this one didn’t go so well. Here’s what happened this week:

An NBC/WSJ poll released on Monday showed Clinton’s favorability rating at an all time low – down 15 points from just a month ago. MSNBC’s Chuck Todd pointed out that Clinton now has “higher negatives, lower favorable ratings right now than at any point in time did [President] Obama.”

Tuesday brought bad news from New Hampshire, where a WMUR poll showed Clinton leading Bernie Sanders by just 6% in the first-in-the-nation primary state – just one tenth of one percent outside of the poll’s margin of error.

Meanwhile, ethics problems continued to mount for Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, with new charges that she pocketed nearly $10,000 in taxpayer dollars for vacation overpayments and “leveraged her State Department job” to benefit the Clinton Foundation and another Clinton-connected firm.

But it was Tuesday night when the Clinton reset really went off the rails with a breaking report from the Washington Post that contained the three letters no candidate ever wants to see in a headline: F-B-I. Namely, the FBI was very interested in Clinton’s private email server.

As wall-to-wall media coverage focused on the FBI investigation, the Clinton camp attempted to spin by claiming it wasn’t a “criminal” investigation. Fast forward to Thursday, when an FBI spokesperson confirmed to Fox News’ Ed Henry that it is in fact a criminal probe.

America Rising summed up what we now know about Clinton’s email scandal in this helpful graphic:


And what’s a week for Hillary Clinton without a little friendly fire? Iowa labor union members blasted Clinton for blowing off a forum that all of her fellow Democrats made time for – including Bernie Sanders, who is amassing union support most expected would go to Clinton. Clinton’s campaign cited a “scheduling conflict” which turned out to be taking selfies with Kim Kardashian.