November 2, 2016

Another FBI Bombshell: Privileged Patrick Under Investigation

This morning, The Hill is reporting that the June complaint laying out Murphy’s connection to an “alleged illegal donation scheme” has drawn the attention of the FBI:

“The FBI is investigating an alleged illegal donation scheme involving a wealthy Saudi family that supports Democratic Florida Senate candidate Patrick Murphy. The Hill has found no evidence that Murphy himself was involved in, or even aware of, the alleged scheme. The Murphy campaign declined to say whether the candidate is aware of the FBI probe, but the campaign said neither Murphy nor his campaign staff is being investigated.”

While Murphy is pleading ignorance, a previous investigation by the Washington Free Beacon shows that Murphy’s obliviousness is likely phony. The Free Beacon found that Ibrahim al-Rashid, the Saudi funneling money through straw donors, is a longtime friend of Murphy’s, whose donations match up time wise with Murphy’s:

“On January 20 and January 21, 2011, Murphy and his father each contributed $2,400 to Sen. Bill Nelson (D., Fla.). Budman, al-Rashid’s wife, made an identical $2,400 contribution to Nelson on January 20, with ‘homemaker’ listed as her occupation on the report.”

The Hill reports that FBI agents have already visited potential straw donors in Texas and Florida. If the FBI is looking for Murphy next Tuesday just look for the loser crying on his father’s yacht.

For such a loser, Patrick Murphy is sure good at racking up FEC complaints:

  • On May 12, there was the FEC complaint related to his connections to Ami Bera’s father.
  • On May 16th , Murphy received an FEC complaint from the nonpartisan group FACT for coordinating with a superPAC funded by his father.
  • On June 23rd, Murphy was hit with an FEC complaint related to him being a straw donor
  • On June 9th, Murphy received an FEC complaint alleging that he traded donations for visas.
  • Finally on September 7th, FACT filed a FEC complaint saying that Murphy was using his campaign website to coordinate with a DC superPAC.