October 27, 2016

Another Helicopter Scandal Rocks De Blasio Administration

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has a thing for helicopters. Yesterday the New York Daily News reported that de Blasio made a taxpayer-funded helicopter trip to spend some time at his favorite Brooklyn bar. Now the New York Post is following up that blockbuster story with one that makes de Blasio look even worse.

In August, de Blasio’s helicopter shut down a Little League baseball game for more than an hour so that the helicopter could use the field as a landing field:

“Mayor de Blasio shut down a Little League baseball game in a Harlem park for more than an hour in August so police could ready a field for his helicopter, The Post has learned. The chopper landing was then abruptly canceled after an angry dad started griping to cops about the intrusion, threatening to post pictures of the mayoral interruption on social media, a source said.”

De Blasio’s excuse, according to police sources, is that the mayor didn’t want to brave New York traffic like everyone else does:

“Police said he was taking the whirlybird from the Bronx because traffic was backed up, the dad recalled. ‘It’s ridiculous,’ he fumed. ‘The guy feels he’s so entitled to do whatever he wants.’”

De Blasio took Gracie Mansion in 2013 on a wave of populist support. Yet these recent reports show that the power has gone to de Blasio’s head. Between his love for helicopters and the growing number of scandals surrounding his administration, his 2017 re-election prospects are plummeting.