August 8, 2017

Anthem Move Highlights Perils Of Jacky Rosen’s Strong Obamacare Support

Last year, Congresswoman Jacky Rosen (D-NV) confirmed to Jon Ralston that she would have voted for Obamacare if she had been in Congress at the time. This year, even amid disastrous headlines for the failing program, Rosen doubled down saying that “we need to protect [Obamacare.] But Rosen’s strong support for Obamacare has been a constant source of political pain for her.

Now as Congresswoman Rosen starts her Senate campaign, recent developments have conspired to show just how badly Obamacare is faring in Nevada. This week, Anthem announced that they were completely leaving the Nevada’s Silver State Health Insurance Exchange in 2018. This means that over 30,000 Nevadans will lose their health care:

“Anthem will leave Nevada’s Silver State Health Insurance Exchange in 2018, state officials said Monday. The looming departure affects 31,496 Nevadans, according to figures provided by the Nevada Division of Insurance. It also underscores the continued volatility of the insurance market amid uncertainty about how federal regulations may change health coverage through the Affordable Care Act.”

Moreover, Anthem’s move to abandon the Obamacare exchange leaves over 20,000 Nevadans without an exchange option next year:

“In June, Anthem notified state officials it will pull out of 14 rural Nevada counties, leaving those areas without a 2018 option on the exchange. Clark, Washoe and Nye counties would have continued to get coverage — albeit with an average 62 percent increase in premiums. The decision to completely leave the state’s exchange impacts 20,458 consumers in those three counties, according to the Nevada Division of Insurance.”

Obamacare has failed tens of thousands of people across Nevada. As Rosen attempts to win their support for her Senate campaign, her enthusiastic support of Obamacare will be an anchor weighing her campaign down.