April 14, 2016

AR VIDEO: “Senator Feingold: Backseat Driver”

Former senator Russ Feingold released his first television ad this week, and some of the scenes struck those of us at America Rising who have been tracking Feingold for months as…odd.

Which scenes? The ones showing Senator Feingold behind the wheel. We’ve followed him from Washington, D.C. to Wisconsin to his home away from home in Palo Alto, California and have seen him enter and exit many vehicles, but this is the first we’ve ever seen him drive.

So America Rising has provided a valuable service to Senator Feingold by editing his ad to improve its accuracy. While this amount of editing usually comes with a big price tag from a political media consultant, Senator Feingold doesn’t need to worry about spending his out-of-state campaign cash – this one’s on us.