November 19, 2015

Arizona Democrat Avoids Taking A Position On Syrian Refugees

Once again, Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is showing she will say or do anything to win re-election. Sinema was criticized for abandoning her liberal base by joining the Blue Dog coalition in January 2014. The Blue Dog Democrats are supporting the bill to bolster security checks on Syrian and Iraqi refugees, but Sinema is conspicuously silent on the issue. KHPO reports:

“Ten conservative leaning Democrats, so-called Blue Dog Democrats, have announced that they will buck President Obama and party leaders to support the legislation. Arizona Rep. Kyrsten Sinema is one of 15 members of the so-called Blue Dogs in Congress. She has not yet officially weighed in on the issue.”

Sinema’s silence on such an important national security issue should trouble Arizonans who expect their leaders to make tough decisions.