October 23, 2015

Arizona Democrat Calls ObamaCare Website “The Worst Debacle Ever”

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema has a long history of supporting ObamaCare. She even attended the bill signing at the White House.

But now it seems Sinema remembers the ObamaCare rollout a little less fondly. While talking about the government’s contracting process, she called the ObamaCare website “the worst debacle ever.”

Sinema: “… In our contracts with technology companies you mentioned the ObamaCare website, that was the worst debacle ever. And they contracted with a company that was using technology from a decade ago rather than contracting with companies that were writing code that was usable today. It takes more time early on to get the contract, but the benefit to the government and to the taxpayers I think makes it worth it. You get a better contract, you get a better product, and the company has to pay the price for the overages, not the government and no the taxpayers.”