October 13, 2016

Arizona Democrat Deflects Blame For ObamaCare

Last night, Matt Heinz, the Democratic candidate for Arizona’s 2nd District, tried his hardest to deflect any blame for ObamaCare on the Democratic Party. Heinz made the absurd argument that it wasn’t accurate to blame politicians for the legislation.

However, ObamaCare was passed on a purely partisan basis with no Republicans voting for the law. Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and congressional Democrats wrote the law and own the failures it is causing in Arizona.

ObamaCare is a proven disaster across the country, but especially in Arizona. Next year, Arizonans will face premium increases as high as 65 percent. Numerous insurers including Aetna, Health Choice Insurance Co., and UnitedHealthcare are exiting the state’s marketplace, forcing thousands to find new health coverage. In addition, the state’s ObamaCare co-op closed in December 2015.

Matt Heinz can try all he wants to deflect blame away from Pelosi and the House Democratic caucus he is trying to join while Arizonans suffer ObamaCare’s consequences. But somehow Heinz’s only solution is to exacerbate the problem, as he said he wants to “expand it [ObamaCare] as much as possible.”