May 5, 2017

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Exposes The “False Promise” Of Jon Ossoff’s Spending Plan

This week Jon Ossoff tried to present a plan to cut $16 billion from the federal government’s budget as a significant proposal. Yet a new column in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution exposes the insignificance of Ossoff’s plan. As the column points out cutting $16 billion from a trillion-dollar budget is inconsequential:

“I have to admit, when I first heard Democrat Jon Ossoff was basing part of his campaign in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District on cutting $16 billion in wasteful and redundant programs, my first thought was: ‘Not bad … in which agency?’ Then I realized he was talking about the entire federal government. You know, the federal government that will spend about 250 times that amount this year alone.”

Critically, the piece also points out the absurdity of Ossoff even thinking he could get his minor plan passed when he’s beholden to a big government liberal like Nancy Pelosi:

“OK, you might say, but we’ve got to start cutting somewhere, right? And I might agree. But let’s now consider just how likely it is that a 30-year-old who’s trying to get elected with millions of dollars raised by Nancy Pelosi and left-wing activists from outside Georgia would fulfill such a promise.”

Ossoff might tried to pretend he’s not indebted to Pelosi, but it’s Pelosi and national Democrats who have bankrolled his campaign. No matter how hard Ossoff tries to run away from that fact, it’ll never go away.