July 12, 2016

Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s Non-Stop Non-Answers

Ever since Attorney General Loretta Lynch received former President Bill Clinton on her private plane, she has been on the defensive over the Hillary Clinton criminal investigation. Today, Attorney General Lynch appeared before the House Judiciary Committee and was repeatedly pressed on the Justice Department’s handling of the case. Unfortunately for Americans concerned with transparency, more often than not, Lynch refused to give an answer to the questions thrown her way:

“Lynch doggedly referred any questions about the results of the investigation back to Comey, arguing that it would be ‘inappropriate’ for her to comment on the underlying facts of the investigation or the legal basis for the FBI’s recommendation. But Republicans, outraged by the results of the probe, were not mollified.”

At one point, Representative David Trott pointed out that his staff had counted 74 instances when Lynch had refused to answer a straightforward question:

Central to the Clinton criminal investigation was the handling of classified materials. Yet even when Representative Jason Chaffetz asked the Attorney General direct questions on this matter, she egregiously refused to answer:

The same pattern of non-answers and evasions was found on questions ranging from Clinton’s “carelessness” to whether or not she agreed with Director Comey’s conclusions. See below for some of the many other lowlights from Attorney General Lynch’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee: