August 12, 2015

Attorney General Scandal Directly Impacting PA-08 Dem Primary

Shaughnessy Naughton, a Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional seat, is drawing fire for her connections to disgraced state Attorney General, Kathleen Kane.

Naughton appears to have a cozy relationship with Kane, who has been indicted for leaking court documents to the press and then lying about it. In 2013, Naughton posted a picture of her and Kane on Twitter, calling Kane a “friend and mentor.”

Naughton Kane Tweet

Further fueling speculation about the close connection between Naughton and Kane, on August 11 it was reported that Naughton’s campaign treasurer and political consultant, Josh Morrow, had been involved in the scandal.

“Another purported go-between in the case against Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane was also casting a shadow over the campaign of congressional candidate Shaughnessy Naughton, of Point Pleasant, on Tuesday.

Josh Morrow, a veteran political operative from Philadelphia, has worked with the Naughton campaign since 2012 and most recently as campaign treasurer, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

The grand jury presentment identifies Morrow as a political consultant who was the attorney general’s communications director during her election campaign and later delivered sealed investigative records to a newspaper reporter at her behest.

Morrow cooperated with the grand jury and has not been charged.”

The political storm surrounding Kane is quickly catching up to Naughton and unfortunately for her it’s unlikely her mentor will be much help.