October 24, 2016

Ayotte Racks Up Newspaper Endorsements, While Hassan Faces New Lawsuit

Senator Kelly Ayotte’s record of accomplishments and foreign policy know-how are paying dividends when it comes to crucial newspaper endorsements. In recent days, Ayotte has been endorsed by the Nashua Telegraph, in part due to her leadership during the opioid crisis:

“Ayotte has a proven track record of bipartisanship, which is desperately needed at the federal level. She has been a leading advocate in combating New Hampshire’s opioid crisis along with fellow U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, a Democrat, and the two have formed a powerful partnership in fighting this epidemic with their work on the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act. Few politicians have attended more heroin forums than Ayotte.”

Ayotte has also been praised for her consistent opposition to Obamacare:

“Ayotte and Hassan have some clear differences. We believe Ayotte is right that Obamacare is a disaster and needs to be repealed and replaced.”

Ayotte’s impressive record even led Maggie Hassan’s hometown newspaper to endorse Senator Ayotte, citing Ayotte’s “clear advantage” on foreign policy:

“Ayotte is a powerful senator, serving on the Armed Services, Homeland and Commerce committees. New Hampshire benefits from her representation on those important bodies. Ayotte’s foreign policy experience gives her a clear advantage over Gov. Hassan.”

Hassan’s troubles extend beyond her lack of newspaper endorsements. She is also being hit with a Right-to-Know lawsuit, alleging that her government is hiding damaging information about contracts she approved as governor:

“The New Hampshire Republican State Committee will launch a Right-to-Know lawsuit today, charging that Gov. Maggie Hassan and key state agency heads refused to turn over damaging information about the controversial, Dartmouth-Hitchcock contract to staff the state psychiatric hospital.”

Maggie Hassan’s failed record and lack of qualifications are proving to be real anchors holding down her Senate candidacy. While newspapers praise Senator Ayotte’s record, Hassan is left fighting off damaging lawsuits.