January 14, 2016

Bad News Comes In Threes For The Clinton Campaign

Hillary Clinton’s string of awful weeks on the campaign trail shows no sign of abating. In the past 24 hours, there have been three significant pieces of news about the Democratic primary race, and all of them spell trouble for Clinton’s struggling campaign.

First, came bad news out of Iowa. Iowa was long thought of as Clinton’s early strong spot, given Bernie Sanders’ continued domination in New Hampshire. Then came the results of the ultra-reliable Des Moines Register poll, which shows a nine-point drop in Clinton’s support in one month.

Last month Clinton was the clear favorite, and now Sanders is within the margin of error, separated by only two points. Quotes like this one from the pollster are certainly not going to quiet the comparisons to 2008 for Clinton:

Selzer, the pollster, noted that Sanders scores well with the types of voters who put Barack Obama over the top in Iowa in 2008.

Second, Chelsea Clinton’s campaign debut is being panned in many of the same ways that Bill Clinton’s disastrous debut was. Chelsea Clinton took to the stump and unleashed a wave of negative, inaccurate attacks on Sanders. Chelsea Clinton’s attack have left Democrats shaking their heads in dismay. As The Hill reports:

“Democrats have almost universally panned the attack, believing it to be ineffective and a misuse of her talents… ‘The thing that tells you as much as anything about [the Clinton campaign’s] current state of mind is Chelsea going on the attack. It tells you everything you need to know,’ said one Democratic strategist. ‘That this [challenge from Sanders] is real and they’ve got to be freaking out.’”

Thirdly, The Nation, which is a hugely influential among left-wing circles and progressive voters, endorsed Sanders over Clinton, specially contrasting his “integrity and principle” with Clintons. In the endorsement, The Nation pointed out how rare it is for them to endorse a presidential candidate. Founded less than two months after the end of the Civil War, The Nation has only endorsed two candidates. One of them was Barack Obama in 2008 over Clinton.

Sensing a pattern?