December 10, 2015

Bad News For Maine Dems’ Healthcare Debacle

Yesterday, Maine’s only health insurance co-op, Community Health Options, announced it would leave the state’s exchange due to higher-than expected
insurance claims and financial losses.

The Business Sun Journal reported on Wednesday:

“The Maine Bureau of Insurance has been working with the co-op to evaluate its options. Superintendent Eric Cioppa approved the plan to halt new individual sales. In a statement released Wednesday, Cioppa said the decision was based on the co-op’s third-quarter financial statements, which showed a significant loss.”

Neither Democratic candidate for Maine’s 2nd congressional district, Emily Cain or Joe Baldacci, has expressed any concern over the decision. Cain has previously praised the formation of Maine’s state exchange, saying Mainers must prepare to take advantage of the financial changes ahead.  In 2013, Baladacci even held a conference call with President Obama about spreading awareness of the “benefits” of ObamaCare.

Where are Cain and Baldacci now that Mainers are experiencing increasingly limited health care choices?