July 18, 2016

Down-Ballot Democrats Feeling The Heat From Fact Checkers

During an already-steamy summer, Democrat senate candidates across the map are feeling the heat from fact checkers for a slew of recent false claims.

Here’s a rundown of the Democrats who have been found guilty of playing fast and loose with the facts in the month of July alone:

In Wisconsin, PolitiFact smacked down a claim from Democrats supporting former Senator Russ Feingold that was so baseless they literally offered no defense:

The state Democratic Party says Johnson “supported a plan to cut benefits and raise the retirement age” for Social Security. 

The party could not cite and we couldn’t find any proposal to make those changes that was supported by Johnson. Indeed, such a standalone proposal would have made major news. 

The fact checker also rated a trade-related attack on Johnson from Feingold himself “Mostly False.”

In Illinois, Rep. Tammy Duckworth went full demagogue on Twitter, making racially-charged allegations against Sen. Mark Kirk. The problem? According to PolitiFact, not only did Duckworth “[take] Kirk’s statement out of context,” she also completely misrepresented the facts on his immigration record, which earned her a straight-up “False” rating.

And in Pennsylvania, fact checkers debunked ultra-liberal Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney claim that his sanctuary city policy doesn’t interfere with the federal government’s effort to locate suspected terrorists by citing…the Obama administration:

But there isn’t anything in Philadelphia’s existing executive order carving out an exception for suspected terrorists who haven’t been charged with a violent crime, and the Obama administration has urged the city to reconsider that stance.

Democratic senate candidate Katie McGinty has consistently voiced support for Philadelphia’s sanctuary city policy, refusing to denounce it even in the face of White House opposition.