October 24, 2016

Bayh’s Campaign Collapsing Under Weight Of Negative Stories

In the Indiana Senate race Evan Bayh is getting hammered constantly by negative stories, and he only has himself to blame. Bayh’s greed-filled actions since leaving the Senate now threaten to sink his candidacy.

When the Associated Press reported that he spent his final year in the Senate conducting a job search on the taxpayer’s dime, all Bayh could do was lie about it. Speaking with WTHR, Bayh falsely claimed that the AP report was inaccurate, yet could not provide a single fact that debunked any part of it.

Moments like this one are why Bayh faces headlines like Politico’s: “The collapse of Evan Bayh.” Bayh’s months running for the Senate have been one long nightmare, and his polls numbers reflect that:

“In the three months since he got in, Bayh’s opponents have unleashed a torrent of attacks on the former senator: For reports that he rarely set foot in Indiana until he decided he wanted back in the Senate, for backing unpopular Obama policies, and for trading on his political connections to become really rich after he left office. Bayh’s once-commanding lead over Republican Todd Young has nearly evaporated.”

Evan Bayh has spent his entire Senate campaign praying that his last name would be enough to carry him to victory. Bayh’s cratering polls show it might not be enough.