October 13, 2016

Bayh’s Neighbors Have Never Seen Him Before: Part Two

Evan Bayh’s years spent making as much money as possible are finally catching up to him. After leaving the Senate in 2011, Bayh took jobs with major financial and lobbying firms based in Manhattan and Washington, D.C. Bayh’s long absence led the Indianapolis Star to investigate in September whether he actually spent any time at his “home” in Indianapolis. They found his neighbors had no clue he even lived in their neighborhood.

Now NPR has followed up with an investigation of their own into Bayh’s residency. They spoke with a neighbor who lived around the corner from Bayh’s condo. She told NPR that she’s never seen him before:

Bayh’s lack of time spent in Indiana is directly connected with a major problem he has with progressive activist groups. A coalition of progressive groups are now targeting Bayh because of the length of time he’s spent working for Wall Street:

“A coalition of progressive groups wants to make absolutely, 100-percent sure that Evan Bayh won’t take over the Senate Banking Committee if he’s elected in November. Why? Bayh, being friendly to banks, is no friend of theirs… ‘Any attempt to have Evan Bayh installed as chair, or other efforts to appoint members who support the interests of Wall Street above those of the American people, must be opposed.'”

Bayh’s time shilling for corporate interests has ensured that a broad swath of people now stand opposed to his Senate candidacy. In Bayh’s time as a lobbyist he’s managed to alienate everyone from his supposed neighbors in Indianapolis to progressive groups in DC, a truly impressive feat.