July 2, 2013

Begich Begging For New ObamaCare Position

According to Politico, Mark Begich, said that he was “pleased” with the Obama Administration delaying the implication of ObamaCare’s business mandate until 2015, because, in May, he had told the White House that “businesses needed more information on the law.”

Sen. Mark Begich of Alaska, a moderate Democrat up for reelection next year, applauded the delay and even tried to take some credit for the move, saying he told the White House in May that businesses needed more information on the law.

“I’m pleased the administration is listening to me and the many businesses that are concerned about the complexity of the new requirements,” Begich said in a statement. “Small business owners across this state keep telling me they need more information, time and simplicity to implement this law. I will keep asking the tough questions so the law is implemented as it was designed – to save families money and ensure that every American has access to good health care.”

Funny what an upcoming election can do to a politician like Begich, who was one of the biggest cheerleaders for ObamaCare.

Begich voted in favor of ObamaCare, issued a press release stating that he was “pleased” the Supreme Court upheld the law, and even said that it “would be difficult” to campaign against ObamaCare because people were constantly calling him asking “how can I access this?”

If Begich thought his constituents were enthusiastic about being able to access ObamaCare and he was so “pleased” by the Supreme Court’s decision, why is he “pleased” that Obama is delaying the business mandate until 2015?