April 8, 2016

Did Bennet Bail On Clinton’s Trainwreck Of A Fundraiser?

Hillary Clinton attended a fundraiser at the home of supporter and superdelegate Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper yesterday. It…didn’t go over very well with the press.

Ahead of the event, the Clinton campaign stonewalled media requests, according to a Denver Post report:

Her campaign would release no details to the press in advance.

The appearance was her first trip to Colorado since losing by nearly 20 percentage points to Sen. Bernie Sanders on March 1.

Clinton, however, is still in a close race for the state’s 78 delegates, because most of the state’s 12 superdelegates to the nominating convention.

A campaign spokesman declined to comment on her popularity in the state.

Then it was fundraiser time, and the situation quickly went from bad to worse:

Seemingly missing all the fun was Hickenlooper’s fellow pro-Clinton superdelegate, Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet. While Bennet is probably breathing a sign of relief right about now, his continued absence at Clinton events is sure to start raising questions on both sides.

Bennet has largely avoided being seen with Clinton – he skipped her advisory committee’s (that he was supposedly a member of) launch and was a no-show during her big campaign swing in the state. Hardly behavior likely to endear him to the Clinton camp.

On the other hand, Bennet recently doubled down on Clinton after his constituents boosted Bernie Sanders to a landslide win, so his stealth support probably smacks of political calculation to the Feel The Bern faithful.

It appears that, once again, Bennet is trying to have it both ways to win an election.