November 12, 2015

Bennet Dodges On Colorado Single Payer Plan

Colorado is getting attention for what Politico calls an “unlikely” plan to replace Obamacare:

One of the most detailed plans to replace Obamacare this year comes not from a Republican critic, but from a group in swing-state Colorado that is proposing to scrap it for a single-payer model long sought by liberals.

The price tag? A whopping $25 billion tax increase, according to The Durango Herald:

ColoradoCare would eliminate private insurance for a 10 percent premium tax so that the state can cover health expenses. It would amount to a $25 billion tax increase.

Obamacare has been a miserable failure in Colorado, with one of the largest insurance co-ops shutting down last month, leaving more than 80,000 Coloradans without insurance.

Bennet was a vocal proponent of Obamacare and specifically praised the now-failed co-op as “a unique, consumer-driven solution”

Bennet clearly knows his record on Obamacare is a huge liability for him in his reelection, and that having a radical left-wing single payer plan on the ballot with him will only serve to remind Coloradans about who they have to thank for the state’s crumbling health care system:

Bennet, who hasn’t yet commented on the initiative, brushed aside questions when approached in a Senate hallway by a POLITICO reporter on Tuesday. “I’m focused on this today,” he said, referring to an unrelated vote.

But Bennet already signaled his likely position by advocating for a public option – widely seen as a precursor to a single payer system – to be included in Obamacare.

A transparent dodge on a major issue may work to get Bennet out of a brief run-in with a political reporter, but it won’t fly with Colorado voters looking for answers.