December 17, 2015

Caught In Another Round Of Infighting, Bera Backtracks From Refugee Vote

Ami Bera is the second House Democrat who has failed to understand the Syrian refugee bill he voted for last month. After being criticized by members of his own party and the Sacramento Bee Editorial Board for his vote, Bera now claims his vote has been misunderstood. McClatchy News reports:

Bera and Garamandi say the bill wouldn’t stop refugees and that their votes have been misunderstood.

‘A lot of folks have contacted us wondering if my position was not to take refugees. I’ve explained that is not what this bill was about,’ Bera said.

He said the bill is ‘just to let the public know that there is a vetting process and that the refugees we are accepting have gone through that vetting process and they don’t pose a security risk.’

But Bera’s claim is at odds with major news reports about the bill:

McClatchy: “Debra DeBondt, who leads a Sacramento nonprofit agency that helps resettle refugees, said, though, that blocking Syrian and Iraqi refugees was exactly what the bill would accomplish.”

The Huffington Post: “Forty-seven House Democrats joined their Republican colleagues in voting for a measure that would likely halt Syrian and Iraqi refugees from resettling in the United States.”

CNN: “House passes bill that could limit Syrian refugees”

The Washington Post: “House passes bill to tighten flow of Syrian refugees over Obama’s objections”

Bera voted for the bill because he thought it was the politically expedient thing to do as he faces a tough re-election bid. Now that he’s caught in his second round of infighting with Democrats this year, he’s trying to backtrack. But the facts prove otherwise, as a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee should know.