June 29, 2017

Bernie Sanders’ FBI Problems Are A Big New Democratic Headache

Senator Bernie Sanders’ hostile takeover of the Democratic Party is now bringing with it more than just ideological baggage. According to reports, the FBI’s probe into his wife, Jane Sanders, has expanded to include Bernie himself. If that’s the case, Sanders newfound influence could end up tainting the Democratic Party:

“Sanders is one of the Democratic Party’s most prominent politicians, even though he officially remains outside of it. And while he’ll be 79 on Inauguration Day 2021, Sanders hasn’t ruled out another presidential bid in 2020. Republicans have seized on the ongoing investigation, which centers on a loan Jane Sanders secured while running a Vermont college, as a chance to attack a politician who regularly ranks as one of the most popular in the country.”

As America Rising’s Colin Reed told The Hill, the FBI’s Sanders probe could have voters thinking that the former Clinton foe is actually Clinton redux:

“The GOP attacks appear to be early signs of the strategy that Republicans have used in the past to soften up potential political threats such as Hillary Clinton, seeking to damage top rivals ahead of expected bids for higher office… ‘For Sen. Sanders, this is not what voters have in mind when they think of him. Those are the narratives, the ones that are totally counter to what people think of you, that are most damaging,’ said Colin Reed, the executive director of the GOP opposition research super PAC America Rising.”

Bernie Sanders’ position at the forefront of the Democratic Party has caused serious headaches for establishment Democrats this year. With Democrats now forced to account for this growing FBI investigation into the Sanders family, the full scope of the party’s Bernie problem is only now coming into view.