February 18, 2016

Bernie Sanders Has A Larger Ground Game In South Carolina Than Clinton

Former Executive Director of the South Carolina Democratic Party Amanda Loveday appeared on MSNBC today to discuss the state of the S.C. Democratic primary.

Loveday was very impressed with the level of enthusiasm that Sanders has with younger voters in the state:

AMANDA LOVEDAY: I went to the USC event he [Bernie Sanders] had a couple days ago here. It was remarkable. The crowd he saw 

THOMAS ROVERTS: You were feeling the Bern, huh?

 AMANDA LOVEDAY: I felt it there for sure. And in South Carolina in 2008, 40% of voters, voting in our primary, were under age 44. He has a big group of voters so he has a big group of voters that he go after while he’s here.

If that doesn’t alarm the Clinton campaign, then Loveday’s remarks about Sanders ground game in S.C. surely will:

ROBERTS: As we look at what is taking place on the left and right in terms of ground game, Hillary Clinton has now 15 offices and more than 100 paid staff on the ground. But as we think about what Sanders has been able to do in Nevada, and catch up and make it so tight, can they implement that strategy here?

LOVEDAY: They have 200 staffers here, Thomas. I mean it’s unbelievable, the amount of staff the Sanders campaign that is, that they have in South Carolina. THEY KNOCKED ON MY DOOR THREE TIMES. I’VE NEVER HAD A DOOR HANGER FROM THE HILLARY CLINTON CAMPAIGN.

For a campaign that relentlessly touts their ground game, these comments have to be deeply disturbing.

Robby Mook has to feel like Shooter McGavin after Happy Gilmore learned how to putt:

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