January 19, 2016

Bernie Sanders: Pro-Middle Class Tax Hikes

The Democratic Party has long stood for extreme tax hikes, yet Bernie Sanders tax hike on the middle class might take the cake. Apparently unconcerned with global economic turmoil, on Sunday Senator Bernie Sanders released a universal health care plan that would include, according to the New York Times “sweeping tax increases,” just when the middle class cannot afford it.

According to Time:

Bernie Sanders told TIME on Sunday that he would be willing to raise taxes on the middle class in order to guarantee universal healthcare… Legislation he has repeatedly introduced in the past has indicated he would raise taxes on the middle class, including a 2.2% income tax and a 6.7% tax on employers.

The non-partisan Tax Policy Center has estimated that if Sanders’ plan became a reality it would be the largest tax hike since World War II. It would mean “approximately $450 billion per year” more in taxes. Even worse, the Tax Policy Center believes that the 6.7% tax increase on employers would be passed on the middle class families.

Any candidate who wants to make worse the real pain middle class families have experienced under the Obama economy is unfit to be president. Bernie Sanders not only doesn’t want to relieve the suffering of those middle class families, he wants to tax them more! Shame on Senator Sanders.