December 7, 2017

Bernie To CBS: Please Don’t Use My Own Words Against Me

Bernie To CBS: Please Don’t Use My Own Words Against Me

A collection of liberal, ambitious Democratic Senators have spent the last couple of months saying publicly that they’re willing to shut down the government if their liberal agenda is not included in the spending bill. One of the most prominent Senators to engage in this tactic is Senator Bernie Sanders who tweeted on November 3rd:

“Trump must make good on his promise to sign a bill protecting Dreamers. I won’t vote for any spending bill without a permanent DACA fix.”

If Senator Sanders and his liberal colleagues succeed in blocking a spending bill from passing this month, that would shut down the government. Yet, when CBS’ Bianna Golodryga confronted Sanders with his own words from 2013 about how holding the government “hostage” to satisfy policy preferences was “wrong,” the Senator reacted as if he were personally offended to hear his own past words contradicting his present position:

In one devastating clip, Golodryga exposed the staggering hypocrisy of Senator Sanders’ current position. In 2013, he was against government shutdowns because Republicans were doing it, but now that Democrats are in the minority, he’s got hostages to take.