October 20, 2015

Biden Contradicts Clinton On Bin Laden Raid

Today at an event at George Washington University, Vice President Joe Biden appeared to contradict Hillary Clinton’s version of events surrounding the raid of Osama Bin Laden’s compound in 2011.

In her 2014 book, Hard Choices, Clinton wrote (p. 171):

“At one point another senior administration official asked if we needed to worry about irreparably wounding Pakistani national honor. Maybe it was the pent-up frustration from dealing with too much double-talk and deception from certain quarters in Pakistan, or the still-searing memories of the smoking pile in Lower Manhattan, but there was no way I was going to let the United States miss our best chance at bin Laden since we lost him at Tora Bora, Afghanistan in 2001.”

But in Biden’s telling, the only person at the table who was a solid “go” for the mission was then-CIA Director Leon Panetta. Biden notes that then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was a solid “no” on the mission, and that everyone else—that includes Clinton—was somewhere in the middle.