July 27, 2016

A Big Apple-Sized Snub

Two New York City mayors are scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday. Who got the best speaking slot? Let’s play a guessing game!

Do you think the primetime speaking slot is going to:

A) The liberal Democrat who ran Hillary Clinton’s 2000 New York senate campaign and acted as a surrogate for her in the 2016 New York primary…


B) The former Republican who only reluctantly endorsed Hillary Clinton in the past few days and is reviled by the liberal base for his ties to Wall Street?

If you guessed A you’re…WRONG! It’s B, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the embodiment of the billionaire class Bernie Sanders backers loathe, scored a coveted spot in the late 9:00 hour – right between Vice President Joe Biden and VP nominee Tim Kaine – whereas current Mayor Bill de Blasio is relegated to the pre-6:00 lineup (a.k.a. the speeches no one watches).

Why is de Blasio about to find himself left out in the cold, away from the bright lights of cable network coverage? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he’s under too many investigations to count on one hand. It speaks volumes that Clinton is more comfortable cozying up to a billionaire banker like Bloomberg than the now-toxic de Blasio.