May 19, 2016

Bill Clinton: From Campaigner-in-Chief To Liability-in-Chief

Bill Clinton is not the same politician he used to be. America Rising has long documented that the 42nd President has lost significant zip off his fastball.

Increasingly now, the media has picked up on what America Rising has been saying for months: Bill Clinton has moved from the Campaigner-in-Chief to the Liability-in-Chief.

First, Gail Collins of the New York Times pulled no punches when she began today’s column on Clinton with the line, “Bill Clinton should go home.” Collins continued her column by listing the many reasons why Bill Clinton should quit the campaign trail:

“Hillary wants to be the first woman ever elected president of the United States. The economy is the central issue in the campaign. The fact that she’s assuring voters that Bill will take care of it is … totally wrong. It would be better if he wasn’t on the scene at all. Let us count the ways.”

Bill Clinton also got some rough treatment from a GQ profile on his time campaigning for his wife. GQ followed Clinton around to many of the campaign stops he makes, and the portrait it paints of Clinton is not a pretty one:

“Of course, he still turns out crowds—especially in these hamlets unaccustomed to political royalty. But on that day in Bluffton, as Clinton began to talk, there wasn’t much of the old oratorical genius on display. He recalled his college roommate, a Marine who had been stationed nearby; but what seemed like a quick geographical touch point soon spun into a rambling tale about the man’s sister-in-law.”

The profile writer even compares the former Rhodes Scholar to “an elderly relative at the holiday table,” while chronicling the fact that people actually left mid-speech:

“When he delved into politically relevant topics, like terrorism, he sounded less like a man who used to receive daily intelligence briefings than like an elderly relative at the holiday table… For more than half an hour, Clinton went on like this, losing more of the crowd’s attention as each minute passed, until a few people actually got up from their chairs and tiptoed toward the exits.”

As the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party moves closer to outright revolt, Hillary Clinton is going to need all the help she can get putting her fractured party back together. Sadly, for her campaign, the Bill Clinton of old is no longer available to help.