February 16, 2016

Bill Clinton Continues To Draw Negative Attention To Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

When Bill Clinton first got out on the campaign trail, America Rising was among the first to point out that the once Campaigner-in-Chief had seriously lost a step.

Since we pointed that out, it’s only gotten worse, and now the rest of the of the world has caught up to that idea.

Yesterday, the Washington Post put out a piece identifying the many different ways that Bill Clinton is causing “headaches” for Hillary Clinton presidential run.

Bill contradicts the arguments Hillary and her campaign are making:

“Sometimes it’s his actual argument, which doesn’t always mesh with what his wife is saying on the same day, somewhere else on the campaign trail. When Hillary Clinton launched a new broadside against Sanders last week focused on his criticism of President Obama, her pitch, targeted at Obama supporters, attempted to cast herself as more loyal to the president. Enter Bill Clinton, at an appearance Thursday in Memphis. The economy is ‘rigged,’ Clinton told the crowd, appropriating one of Sanders’s favorite terms, ‘because you don’t have a president who’s a changemaker . . . with a Congress who will work with him.’”

Bill has struck the wrong tone:

“For a moment here in Florence over the weekend, it seemed that this crowd of more than 650 would get a glimpse of the Bill Clinton who had broken free of the reins earlier in February, in the closing days of the New Hampshire primary race. Then, Clinton accused Sanders of running a dishonest campaign — and the media of coddling him. The outburst was widely seen as unhelpful to Hillary Clinton. Her campaign aides emphasized that the former president’s role was to positively reinforce her message, not to be an attack dog. But in an unexpectedly close nominating contest, that has proved a difficult task.”

He has even said he wishes he weren’t married to Hillary:

“A day after that outburst in New Hampshire, Sanders’s name scarcely escaped the former president’s lips, but he let it be known that he wished he was free to say more. ‘The hotter this election gets, the more I wish I was just a former president and just for a few months not the spouse of the next one,” Clinton said. ‘I have to be careful what I say.’”