October 27, 2016

Bill Clinton Demanded High-Priced Private Jet Travel From Public Universities

Bill Clinton loves private jets, especially when someone else pays for the flights. In fact, a 2013 analysis of Clinton Foundation spending found that the Clintons loved it so much that they spent over $50 million of the Foundation’s money on their travel expenses.

According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Clinton is particularly fond of having “cash-strapped universities” pay for him to fly in style:

“Mr. Clinton has required pricey charter air travel, along with other expenses, that typically have run $20,000 to $40,000 per speech at roughly a dozen public universities in the U.S. and U.K. since 2013, according to documents The Wall Street Journal obtained under public-records laws.”

According to the Journal, in the past few years, Clinton has charged the University of Kansas $26,000 for charter flights. While in 2013, Clinton demanded a Gulfstream IV, costing the University of Central Florida $42,000.

A particularly greedy example comes from Bill Clinton’s speech at the Ohio State University. Clinton made the university spend $20,000 on private jet flights, contributing to the university losing tens of thousands on the event:

“There were no profits, according to a spreadsheet listing revenue and expenses for the event obtained under Ohio State Open Records request. Ohio State charged $25 and $35 apiece to attend the event, the university raised $47,500. But expenses exceeded the income by $27,500, according to the spreadsheet. Among the expenses was nearly $20,000 for Mr. Clinton’s charter flight from White Plains.”

As students everywhere grapple with the rising cost of college, placing extreme financial burdens on public universities is becoming a Clinton family tradition. That’s not going to help Hillary Clinton’s well-documented unpopularity among younger voters.