January 5, 2016

What They’re Saying About Bill Clinton in NH: Subdued, Rambling, Flustered

Hillary Clinton has called Bill Clinton her “not-so-secret weapon,” yet after yesterday’s performance in New Hampshire, she might be revising that moniker. Bill Clinton’s performance was widely panned by news organizations. They described him as seeming “adrift,” “weary,” and “rusty.” Below are some of the ways Bill Clinton’s appearance was portrayed yesterday:

New York Times: “unusually understated and subdued,” “on a tight leash,” and “a little rusty, rambling at times”

Washington Post: “cautious and subdued”

Wall Street Journal: “adrift” and “facing the heat”

Politico: “He didn’t fire up the crowd of fans… a slow start”

Weekly Standard: “flustered and unsure what to say” after ABC question

Bloomberg: “little fire”

Time: “weary”

Associated Press: “subdued”

USA Today: “his demeanor more subdued”

NH1: “restrained”

The Hill: “the former president meandered” and “cautious”

Maybe Bill should have remained secret a while longer.