March 23, 2016

Bill Clinton’s “Awful” Gaffe Latest In Error Filled Year

Bill Clinton’s time on the campaign trail has been nothing short of disastrous, as his latest cringe-inducing gaffe has driven the national conversation. This week he hit a new low, trashing President Obama once again. The former president stated that:

“Voters should support [Hillary Clinton] ‘if you believe we’ve finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us and the seven years before that.’”

Reporters were quick to jump all over the significance of Bill’s gaffe, as well as the Clinton campaign’s effort to spin away the disaster:

Salon: “Bill Clinton Promises Hillary Will ‘Put The Awful Legacy Of The Last Eight Years Behind Us.’ What Does That Even Mean?”

Politico: “Clinton Campaign Mops Up Bill’s ‘Awful’ Gaffe”

USA Today: “Bill Clinton Knocks Obama’s ‘Awful’ Legacy’”

The New York Times: “Rivals Seize On Bill Clinton’s Remarks About Obama’s ‘Last Eight Years’”

While the bad headlines rolled in for the Clintons, a later Bill Clinton event was canceled “due to the weather.” Clinton’s latest gaffe also fits a pattern of error that he has established this year:

  • Clinton claimed incorrectly that the San Bernardino attackers had never been to the Middle East. That claim was rated by Politifact as “pants on fire.”
  • During a speech, Bill confused Iran and Iraq when talking about sanctions.
  • Clinton called Johnson Controls “one of my favorite companies,” while Hillary Clinton’s campaign has released a TV ad attacking the company.
  • Clinton told NBC that he would continue to give paid speeches because “I got to pay our bills.”