December 6, 2013

Bill Condemns … Hillary!

In Bill Clinton’s latest clumsy attempt to distance himself and his wife from an increasingly unpopular president, he may have shot some friendly fire in his wife’s direction. As The Washington Postreports, Bill Clinton, in Latin America for a Clinton Global Initiative meeting, told a foreign news outlet that the United States should “never collect economic information under the pretext of security”:

Former president Bill Clinton in a new interview condemns the National Security Agency’s reported collection of industrial data as part of its surveillance programs.

Reports based on documents leaked by Edward Snowden have shown that the NSA collected financial data from the network of Brazil’s state-run oil company, Petrobras. Clinton is in Brazil this week.

“We should never collect economic information under the pretext of security,” Clinton told O Globo, a newspaper in Rio de Janeiro, according to a translation.

However, as America Rising has previously noted, as a senior member of the President’s national security team that had a large bureau dedicated to intelligence analysis, Hillary Clinton had to have understood the size and scope of the National Security Agency’s foreign intelligence gathering operations that her husband is now condemning.

In fact, cables released by Wikileaks show that Clinton personally ordered certain foreign surveillance tactics at the United Nations.