July 27, 2016

Bloomberg: Beware Of Politicians (Sanders) Offering You A “Free Pony”

Now that Hillary Clinton is officially the Democratic nominee, her allies that Sanders supporters find repugnant can finally come out of the woodwork. No one epitomizes this trend better than former New York City mayor and multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg. The billionaire will endorse Clinton during a speech during primetime Wednesday night.

Bloomberg’s entire $47.7 billion net-worth is derived from his eponymous company; a company whose purpose is to sell extremely expensive terminals to make Wall Street financial firms operate more efficiently.

It’s little wonder that headlines like these appeared whenever Bloomberg floated a presidential campaign:

Politico: “Wall Street pines for Bloomberg”

Reuters: “Cox: Bloomberg’s White House hurdle is Wall Street”

While Bloomberg’s existence alone is enough to enrage Sanders and his supporters, he has added to that anger by leveling criticisms at Sanders directly. During a commencement address at the University of Michigan this year, Bloomberg called out “demagoguery” that blames “easy targets.” While Bloomberg never mentioned Sanders name, his target was clear:

“And for Democrats, it’s the wealthy and Wall Street. The truth is: We cannot solve the problems we face by blaming anyone.”

In addition to mocking Sanders’ focus on Wall Street, he also lampooned his policy proposals as hopelessly unrealistic:

“Today, when a populist candidate promises free college, free health care and a pony… remember: Those who promise you a free lunch will invariably eat you for breakfast.”

If you built a speaker in a lab, with the sole purpose of turning away Sanders supporters from Clinton, you could not do better than Michael Bloomberg. Thank you Hillary Clinton for having him address your convention in primetime!