October 21, 2015

Bloomberg Sticking His Head Into VA Politics

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided to take a break from waging his war on soda. He has decided instead to make yet another attempt to buy Virginia State Senate seats. The Bloomberg backed group, Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, recently spent $700,000 on ads attacking Glen Sturtevant for supporting the Second Amendment.

Let’s not forget in 2013, Bloomberg poured in nearly $3 million into local Virginia legislative races and claimed that he beat the NRA in Virginia. However, 65 of 67 NRA-endorsed candidates for The Virginia House of Delegates won in 2013.

To the casual observer, it may come as a surprise that a New York liberal with no ties to Virginia is spending so much money trying to influence state elections; however, this is not the first time Bloomberg has tried to force his big government agenda on Virginians.

If it’s anything like Bloomberg’s unimpressive 2013 efforts, Virginia Democrats are in dire straits.