October 21, 2016

BOMBSHELL: Bayh Didn’t Spend One Night At Indianapolis Condo In 2010

If you went up to the average Indiana voter and asked them where Evan Bayh lived, chances are they’d say DC. After all, Bayh owns two mansions in DC, he was listed as an inactive voter in Indiana this year, he whiffed when asked his Indiana address, and he lied about his job search to the Indianapolis Star.

Now an explosive new report by the Associated Press emphatically proves those previous stories might have even overrated Bayh’s limited connections to Indiana. The AP has found that for the entire year of 2010, Bayh did not spend a single night in his Indianapolis condo:

“Evan Bayh says that his Indianapolis condominium has long been his home, and that he has spent ‘lots and lots’ of time there since deciding to run for his old Senate seat. But a copy of his schedule shows Bayh did not stay overnight there once during his last year in office in 2010. The schedule provided to The Associated Press shows the Democrat spent taxpayer money, campaign funds or let other people pay for him to stay in Indianapolis hotels on the relatively rare occasions he returned from Washington, D.C.”

In fact, when Bayh did deign to visit Indiana in 2010, he stayed in a hotel—not exactly the actions of a man who still believes he lives in the state:

“Bayh stayed at Indianapolis hotels roughly a dozen times in 2010, though taxpayers paid only a few hundred dollars because campaign funds or other people helped pick up the tab.”

Bayh’s condo controversy is not his only problem this morning. News has also broken that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is spending seven figures on new TV spots holding Bayh accountable for his close ties to President Obama, and the deciding vote he cast on Obamacare.

Bayh has been exposed this year as a sellout and a fraud. These two new developments will ensure that any wavering Indiana voters will see that clearly.