March 13, 2016

Bombshell Clinton Video: “There Is No Way To Legislate” Against Outsourcing

Fox News Sunday aired a newly discovered video of Hillary Clinton, then a senator from New York, who was asked about outsourcing jobs. The 2005 video is from a conference in New Delhi, India where Clinton called outsourcing an “inevitability” and said there is no way to legislate against it:

“It is an inevitability. There is no way to legislate against reality, so I think the outsourcing will continue.”

The February 2005 video was part of the India Today 2005 Conclave and a 3-day trip for the then-senator.

The remarks are a stark contrast from what now-candidate Clinton is saying on the campaign trail. Today, locked in a battle with Bernie Sanders, Clinton now seemingly thinks the U.S. can legislate against outsourcing and is trying to talk tough on the subject in manufacturing states:

Speaking from the heart of automotive manufacturing, Hillary Clinton on Friday called for a federal minimum wage boost and tax penalties against companies that outsource jobs.

“I do want to send a clear message to every boardroom and executive suite — if you cheat your employees, you exploit your customers, you pollute our environment or rip off the taxpayers, we will hold you accountable,” she said, in a speech to about 200 supporters. “If you desert America, you’ll pay a price.”

Far from the first time Clinton has demonstrated she will say or do anything to win, this video exposes Clinton’s hypocrisy at a time when she is desperate for voters in manufacturing states like Ohio and Illinois to support her. Those states go to the polls on Tuesday.