August 8, 2018

Booker’s Bad Headline Onslaught Following Pro-Palestine Photo

Booker’s Bad Headline Onslaught Following Pro-Palestine Photo

The bad headlines continue for Senator Cory Booker following last week’s Netroots conference, the progressive confab and 2020 preview. Booker was pictured with a pro-Palestine sign following his remarks to the liberal audience.

His team is attempting to dismiss the photo as an accident, yet his excuse is coming under scrutiny from pro-Israel groups across the board:

  • The Intercept: Cory Booker Claims He Didn’t Know He Held A Pro-Palestine Sign. New Details Cast Doubt On His Denial
  • This Photo Is Causing Trouble For Cory Booker
  • Jewish Leaders Call On Cory Booker To Speak Out Against Israel Boycott After Photo Mishap
  • New York Post Editorial: Cory Booker outs himself as a political lightweight
  • The Jerusalem Post Op-Ed: No Holds Barred: What Happened To You, Cory Booker?
  • New York Post: Cory Booker’s Lame Excuse After Holding Sign Critical Of Israel
  • The Washington Free Beacon: Cory Booker Pictured With Anti-Israel Radicals, Holds Sign Calling for Elimination of Security Borders in Israel
  • The Jerusalem Post: Does Sen. Cory Booker Support The Pro-Palestinian Movement?

The 2020 Democratic presidential field is expected to be one of the most crowded in decades. Booker is proving that he might only be able to stand out in the field for the wrong reasons.