July 25, 2016

Boston Mayor Fits Right In To Clinton’s Convention

Secretary Clinton and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh share a fondness for corruption and scandal. In June, federal agents arrested the second high ranking member of Walsh’s administration on conspiracy and extortion charges:

“Federal authorities arrested a second high-ranking member of Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s administration on Wednesday for allegedly forcing a popular music festival to hire unneeded union stagehands to work on a concert on City Hall Plaza. A grand jury indicted Timothy Sullivan, the city’s acting director of intergovernmental relations, on charges of conspiracy and extortion, according to US Attorney Carmen Ortiz’s office.”

The indictment has brought “unwanted scrutiny” for Mayor Walsh because his organized labor ties were already “deep”:

“The indictment of a second department head at City Hall brings more unwanted scrutiny to Walsh, who took office on the strength of his deep ties to organized labor and is personally close to the 36-year-old Sullivan, who, like Walsh, grew up with the labor movement.”

It came as no surprise than that Mayor Walsh’s administration used government services to improperly enrich union workers. Significantly, Walsh declined to comment when asked if he would testify before a federal grand jury:

“Asked whether he has testified before the federal grand jury investigating the alleged extortion by his aides on behalf of labor unions, Walsh declined to comment, as he has done throughout the probe.”

If Walsh ends up testifying before federal authorities, Clinton could give him some tips.