October 11, 2016

Brad Ashford Doesn’t Know What Nebraska Cities Are On The ISIS Kill List

During tonight’s Nebraska 2nd Congressional District debate, Brad Ashford showed that he’s not the right congressman to keep the pressure on ISIS. Ashford was asked what cities ISIS might be targeting and he had no answer:

BACON: “I want to talk about ISIS and terror. Do you know which cities in Nebraska are on the ISIS kill list and what would you do say 48 hours after a major attack if one occurred in Nebraska?” ASHFORD: “I don’t know what cities are on the kill list. I’ve never been briefed on that, that I know of. If you do tell me.”

It’s no surprise that Ashford would be so out of touch on battling ISIS. He’s already said that he approves of President Obama’s failed strategy on ISIS:

“Then in January, as we mentioned, he hosted the president right after the State of the Union speech. Once the president left Baxter Arena, we talked to Ashford about the presidential visit.” ASHFORD: “I’ve become a friend of his. I mean, we just hit it off. And we’ve disagreed on the Iran deal. We’ve disagreed on some things. But I think he’s in the right place on a lot of issues and I think we’re making great progress against ISIS now.”

Ashford also believes that the United States has “turned the tide” against ISIS, showing his inability to accurately judge the fight:

“Ashford said that after he was elected it became clear that the strategy at the time wasn’t working. Congress told the military to adjust its plan, and now the coalition is rolling back ISIS territory, he said. ‘What’s clear is that we’ve turned the tide on ISIS,’ Ashford said.”

Ashford’s multiple votes in Congress prohibiting the use of funds for targeted military strikes against ISIS fits perfectly with his out of touch statements, and shows Nebraska he is not serious about combatting ISIS. Nebraska needs a congressman can help keep the country safe, not hamper this most important fight.