July 11, 2016

Brad Ashford Doubles Down On Clinton & Dodges Question About Her Lies

In a radio interview last Friday, Nebraska’s 2nd District Rep. Brad Ashford once again stood by Hillary Clinton despite being one of the most vulnerable House Democrats in the country.

Asked if Clinton “directly, intentionally lied to the American public” about sending or receiving classified material, Ashford dodged the question and ridiculously claimed that “linkage to Hillary Clinton is…a nice political ploy.”

While Ashford may admit Clinton made a “whooper of a mistake” in her use of a private server, he still won’t say whether she lied to the American people and is avoiding the issue of Clinton’s honesty — an issue so concerning to voters that a new poll shows a majority of Americans believe Clinton should have been charged with a crime.

KOIL’s MATT TOMPKINS: “I want to ask you. I mean, do you believe Hillary Clinton directly, intentionally lied to the American public and how much of is that an issue to you that you continue to support her?” … ASHFORD: “It’s up to the people of the Second Congressional District and the country to decide, not me, whether Hillary Clinton or Trump should be president. And they’re going to have to assess the credibility of either candidate. … Hillary made a significant error in the use of the private email. Whether she knew or didn’t know about the, that’s really up to the people to decide. I think Hillary Clinton is the most experienced of the two candidates by far. And we need that experience especially on the international scene as we go after and destroy ISIS because that’s going to continue on. … Linkage to Hillary Clinton is, you know, a nice political ploy but I don’t think people in our district are going to be duped by that. So that’s really where we’re at. I think she made a significant error and I’ve said over and over again that she was extremely careless. That was something she should not have done. She’s also had decades of public service. And certainly it’s up to the American people and obviously the citizens of the Second District to determine if that flaw, that mistake, which was a whopper of a mistake, whether that it is sufficient to disqualify her from being president.”