February 19, 2016

BREAKING Clinton Falls Behind Sanders In Colorado

This morning, The Washington Free Beacon released a poll showing Hillary Clinton trailing Bernie Sanders 43 percent to 49 percent in Colorado. This poll signifies a “yuge” shift in the state. When Quinnipiac conducted a poll in November, Clinton was leading by 28 points.

Colorado’s Democratic caucus is part of Clinton’s all-important Super Tuesday “firewall,” which now appears to be anything but impenetrable.

Clinton’s honest and trustworthy numbers continue to dog her in this poll, with only 25 percent of Coloradans finding her to be truthful.

Based on Clinton’s lagging enthusiasm with younger and high-energy voters, she seems poised to struggle in the remaining Democratic caucus states

The Clinton campaign will attempt to spin this poll as an outlier, conducted by a conservative website. But as legendary Nevada reporter Jon Ralston points out, it was Free Beacon that first showed Nevada locked in a dead heat, something that was confirmed three days later by a CNN/ORC poll.

Here is a live look at Clinton’s Brooklyn HQ: