November 18, 2015

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Is In BIG Trouble In Colorado

This morning, Quinnipiac University released a new poll that Hillary Clinton’s campaign will certainly find troubling.

The poll was conducted in the crucial swing state of Colorado. It showed Clinton’s negative favorability at a paltry 31%, while 67% of Colorado voters did not see Clinton as honest and trustworthy.

Things didn’t get better for Clinton when polled against leading Republican contenders. The poll found that Colorado voters backed Republicans over Clinton by wide margins.

The last Quinnipiac poll conducted in Colorado back in July found Clinton’s favorability at 35%

Clinton’s honest and trustworthy numbers in Colorado continue their downward trajectory. In April 56% of voters in the state said that Clinton was not honest and trustworthy, while in July 62% of voters said that Clinton was not honest and trustworthy.

Things probably won’t get better for Clinton in Colorado if President Obama is successful in relocating Guantánamo Bay detainees to the state, something that Clinton supports but Coloradans do not.