February 17, 2016

BREAKING Hillary Clinton Is Tied With Sanders In Nevada

With just three days till the Nevada caucuses, Hillary Clinton finds herself in the inconceivable position of being virtually tied with self-avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders. A CNN/ORC Nevada Poll released today shows a dead heat in the state, with 48% of likely Democratic caucus-goers supporting Clinton and 47% supporting Sanders.

Democratic caucus-goers cited the economy as the top issue and said would to more to help the middle class:

The economy is rated the top issue by 42% of likely Democratic caucusgoers, and which candidate would better handle it seems a central division in the race.

Among those likely caucusgoers who call the economy their top issue in choosing a candidate, more support Sanders: 52% back him vs. 43% for Clinton.

When asked who would do more to help the middle class, Sanders narrowly tops Clinton among all likely caucusgoers, 50% to 47%

In October, a CNN/ORC Nevada Poll had Clinton leading Sanders by 16 points.

Nevada was supposed to be part of Clinton’s “firewall” due to it diverse population. That, however, no longer appears to be the case.