October 21, 2016

BREAKING: Indianapolis Star Endorses Todd Young

This afternoon, the Indianapolis Star, the largest newspaper in Indiana, announced that they are endorsing Congressman Todd Young’s candidacy for United States Senate. In their endorsement they called Congressman Young the “best choice” and a “fitting successor to the senator he would replace.”

They had less positive things to say about his Democratic opponent, DC lobbyist Evan Bayh. The endorsement blasted Bayh for selling out to become a lobbyist and adviser to corporations:

“Yet, Bayh chose to remain in Washington, D.C., to take a job with a legal and lobbying firm. Bayh has insisted during this campaign that he has never worked as a lobbyist. But clearly the former senator was hired to work as a highly compensated adviser to companies doing business with government largely because of his experience on Capitol Hill.”

They also criticized Bayh’s greed in making his millions selling his connections and then thinking he could just jump back into public service:

“And now Bayh, having made millions of dollars because of his insider connections, has decided to seek a return to the Senate. His leap into the race less than six months ago was driven chiefly by his party’s opportunity to regain control of the chamber.”

All things considered, Evan Bayh is not having a good Friday. That’s because on top of losing the Indianapolis Star’s endorsement, the Associated Press reported this morning that he did not spend a single night in his Indianapolis condo in 2010. This has led to a bunch more negative headlines for Bayh:

Washington Post: “In Indiana, Evan Bayh’s image problem just went from bad to much worse”

Weekly Standard: “Bayh Didn’t Sleep at Indiana Condo Once His Last Year in Office”

Washington Free Beacon: “Evan Bayh Didn’t Use Indiana Condo Once During Final Year in Senate”

Politico: “Bayh denies using taxpayer money for personal travel”