November 5, 2015

BREAKING: “Quinnochio” Is Considering Another Run For Illinois Governor

Rumors are swirling in Illinois that failed Governor Pat Quinn aka Quinnochio is considering mounting another run for Governor. People close to Quinn acknowledge he is “making calls and setting up lunches and coffees to make his pitch.”

We here at America Rising thought that it would be appropriate to remind the good people of Illinois of Quinn’s Blagojevich-like tenure as Governor.

  1. Quinn’s Neighborhood Recovery Initiative:

    The Neighborhood Recovery Initiative (NRI) was a botched $54.5 million program aimed at helping reduce violence in Chicago. The facts however would make even Ex. Gov Rod Blagojevich blush.

    NRI was launched 30 days before the 2010 general election and did not cover some of the highest crime areas of Chicago.

    $146,000 went to the husband of Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown.

    $15,770 of the funds went to a prison re-entry program operating out of a day care center.

    A federal grand jury eventually subpoenaed Quinn’s former chief of staff e-mails regarding the program.

  2. Quinn’s “Temporary” Income Tax Hike:

    In 2011 Pat Quinn approved a “temporary” income tax hike, which was supposed to pay down Illinois’ backlog of bills, and stabilize the state’s pension crisis. When in reality while the “temporary” income tax hike was in effect Illinois pension debt and unpaid bills grew.

    Quinn tell supporters that if he runs for Governor in 2018 he would make the “temporary” income tax hike permanent.

  3. Rampant Patronage In Quinn’s Administration:

While Governor, Quinn’s former transportation secretary claimed that Quinn’s office pushed for “filling non-political positions with political hires.”