October 7, 2016

BREAKING: Russia Deploys More Nukes Than U.S., Undermines Clinton Nuclear Record

Both Secretary Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine have touted Clinton’s New START nuclear reduction treaty repeatedly on the campaign trail. But new figures from the State Department, as reported in The Daily Beast, detail an alarming growth in the Russian nuclear arsenal that has undermined the campaign’s signature claims.

As of Oct. 1, Russia had hundreds more nuclear warheads deployed than the United States did. A startling 429 more, in fact, according to the U.S. State Department.

The report went on to note that the reason for this disturbing disparity is “simple,” highlighting how Clinton’s claim to have reduced the Russian nuclear arsenal is laughable:

The reason for the current disparity is simple. While the U.S. military has been steadily cutting the number of nukes it loads on submarines and bombers and in missile silos, Russian forces have recently been adding nukes.

In what is perhaps the most concerning part of the report, Russia has several hundred more nuclear weapons deployed in the field than allowed by Clinton’s nuclear reduction treaty:

Seemingly more worrying for the United States, Russia’s 1,796 deployed warheads exceed—by a whopping 246 weapons—the cap of 1,550 deployed nuclear weapons that Moscow and Washington agreed to as part of the 2011 New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.

The startling report comes as the Clinton campaign continues to brag about the New START Treaty despite Clinton’s failed Russia reset. In fact, only days ago, fact-checkers tore apart claims made by Clinton’s running-mate Tim Kaine. Kaine claimed that Clinton had reduced Russia’s nuclear stockpile, but as fact-checkers noted, this overstates the accomplishments of the treaty. Adding insult to injury, Clinton herself had been fact-checked for the same exaggerated claim just a few months before.

While the report does note that Russia can still reduce its deployed nuclear weapons stockpile, it should set off alarm bells for anyone who takes the increasing Russian threat seriously. After selling U.S. and its allies down the river with the first reset with Russia, there is no reason to believe Clinton won’t double down and do it all over again.