January 14, 2016

Breathless Clinton Campaign Bemoans Boring Contrast Ad

The Clinton campaign just wrapped up their third emergency conference call this week. Facing plummeting poll numbers and self-inflicted wounds, they are desperate to change the narrative and go on offense.

That’s why they are attempting to convince reporters and voters that this toothless Bernie Sanders ad is tantamount to the Vermont Senator “going negative.”

So Clinton campaign manager “Robby” Mook commissioned an emergency conference call to tell reporters he was surprised Sanders cut an ad that highlights the Senator’s Wall Street plan:

That was followed by threats that Clinton, a disliked and untrusted politician, could soon begin attacking the well-liked, authentic champion on liberal causes:

Clinton staffers also took to Twitter to defend their over the top reaction to a pretty banal contrast ad. This staffer, who refers to himself as the “Deputy Director of Rapid Response,” claims that Sanders mentions Clinton in his ad (which is not true):

Because when the facts don’t work in the Clinton campaign’s favor, why not just make stuff up?