July 10, 2013

Brian Schweitzer: ‘The Most Vindictive’ And ‘Incredibly Self-Serving Politician’

Former Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) may be having some trouble making up his mind running for the U.S. Senate because of problems with fellow Montana Democrats.

It’s probably not helpful to shore up support from Montana Democrats calling Schweitzer “an incredibly self-serving politician” and “the most vindictive politician I’ve ever been in contact with.”

“He doesn’t do anything if it doesn’t benefit him,” said one Montana Democrat and former Schweitzer ally, who, like many others interviewed for this story, asked not to be identified. “He’s an incredibly self-serving politician.”

Added another: “He’s the most vindictive politician I’ve ever been in contact with.”

It might be tough to secure endorsements when Democrats call Schweitzer’s very existence “the root for every problem”:

“It’s always all about Brian,” said another Democrat with long ties to the state. “That I think is the root for every problem.”

Neither of Montana’s senators were willing to say they would endorse him for the Senate, commenting that they didn’t even know if he is going to actually run:

Asked if he would back Schweitzer now for his Senate seat, Baucus said: “We’ll see what he does, I don’t know if he’s going to get in.”

Tester also wouldn’t commit to backing Schweitzer, saying, “I don’t know if he’s going to get in or not. Two weeks ago, I said, ‘I’d bet the farm on it.’ I’m glad I didn’t.”