May 31, 2016

Brown Endorsement Of Clinton Dredges Up Past Attacks On Clinton’s Unethical Conduct

This morning Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown (D-CA) endorsed long-time frenemy Hillary Clinton. The California primary is a week from today, and usually receiving the endorsement of such a prominent elected official would be a cause for celebration. Brown’s endorsement brings to light an old Clinton controversy that the California governor was eager to discuss when running against then-governor Clinton in 1992.

During the 1992 presidential campaign Brown was running against Bill Clinton in an incredibly contentious Democratic primary. Brown frequently made an issue of Hillary and Bill Clinton’s conduct, calling the then- Arkansas governor the “prince of sleaze”:

“The Clintons have a tumultuous past with Brown, who ran against Bill Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1992. The governor bashed Clinton as the ‘prince of sleaze’ during that primary. And after Brown needled Hillary Clinton on the debate stage during that primary, Clinton came to his wife’s defense, declaring “You’re not fit to stand on the same stage with her.”

In parallel with this year, Hillary Clinton’s ethical lapses were also a significant theme of the primary. In a debate between Clinton and Brown, Brown attacked the Clintons for using his power as governor of Arkansas to funnel money toward Hillary Clinton’s law firm:

Jerry Brown’s endorsement is a prime example that Clinton cannot outrun her past. The former Secretary of State’s sky-high unfavorable numbers are largely due to the American people’s inability to trust her. As more and more Americans tune into the presidential race, and are reminded of Clinton’s shady past, those numbers are only going to plummet further.